audiomulch, hey ro$$!

Subject: audiomulch, hey ro$$!
From: Innes Andy Park (
Date: Thu May 19 2005 - 04:33:46 EDT

Hey Ross,
while we've got you online you said a MAC version of audiomulch would be available a few years ago.. Any news?
Shifting it to Core Audio might improve the sound quality and G5 processing could generate some mega cac-ophony for the space race generation.
If you were to ever get around to it the subscriptions would mean you could afford a banquet
for the starving artist crew. A lot of colleges use macs thesedays and you could get the consumers hooked whilst they are young and reconfigure the guest lecturer circuit.
Maybe your could be used collectively to create a MAC version.
former PC and therefore mulch consumer,
 Innes Park,
 Universita di Nuovo Galli di Sud,

>AudioMulch isn't free by the way, it's shareware and from time to time I
>need to eat.

I have to say that as a Windows-based sound artist, AudioMulch is one of
the indispensible applications.

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