Re: surround sound encoding and DVD authoring

Subject: Re: surround sound encoding and DVD authoring
From: David Hirst (
Date: Wed May 18 2005 - 19:51:24 EDT

On a slightly different tack...

I noticed that a recent PCUser (Australia) magazine came with an authoring
tool for Audio DVD. It used a UNIX command line tool by Dave Chapman
coupled with a primitive GUI front end complied for the PC.

It only supported stereo 16 bit, but it did support a range of sampling
rates up to 192kHz. Multi-channel version was promised, as was greater bit

Is there any feel about Audio DVD taking on?


At 06:46 AM 18/05/2005, you wrote:

> I was wondering if someone could shed some light on the current
> possibilities
>that lie in the area of DTS and Dolby encoding and DVD authoring suites which
>allow for surround DVD audio playback. From what I have so far uncovered it
>seems that surround encoding plug-ins and standalone software is still beyond
>the reach of a non-profit, personal studio owning, poor student types such as
>myself. Is anybody aware of a relatively cost effective method of producing
>high resolution surround audio DVD's? I suppose the best way is probably
>getting copies made by specialized companies (Like Minnetonka) which
>charge on
>a per DVD basis but I would be interested to know if anyone is aware of
>any new
>technology which has brought the ability to produce surround DVD audio to the
>prosumer level. Thanx.

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