Sounds in Space - YLE Radio 1

Subject: Sounds in Space - YLE Radio 1
From: Petri Kuljuntausta (
Date: Wed May 18 2005 - 15:45:02 EDT

Sounds in Space [Ääniä tilassa]
May 19, 2005
Editor Petri Kuljuntausta

Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE Radio 1, 87.9 MHz.

Theme of the program is "Microsounds & Macrosounds"... including womb
sounds, sounds of insects, internal sounds of tree, sand pieces, ice
pieces, unheard netsounds, sonification of NY climate, geothermal
recordings, sonification of electromagnetic fields, sounds of cracking
knuckles, knees, wrists..., silences in G.W.B.'s speech.


Sheila Woodward: Womb Sounds (mother's heartbeat)
         -"- : -"- (western classical music)
         -"- : -"- (jazz music)
         -"- : -"- (mother singing)
                                 - authentic womb recordings, researched by

Christof Migone: Crackers No. 5

Matt Rogalsky: Two minutes fifty seconds Silence for the USA
                                 - George W. Bush, voice

-sounds of ants- 1. alarm call - 2. normal movement - 3. distress
signal - 4. attacking

Bernie_Krause: Fire Ants In Their Nest
Richard Lerman: Sonoran Desert Ants 2
Maksim Shehtelev: Insects in Old Tree

Jon Stiles: Spider
Lee Patterson: Hoverfly (Syrphus Ribesii)
Richard Lerman: Wasps
Michael Northam: Running for jane ONE (fleas)

Marie-Jeanne Wyckmans: Mouvement brownien

Bernie Krause: The Internal Sounds Of A Cottonwood Tree
                                 - sounds of cells popping
Richard Lerman: Tree Pieces ('Within Earreach',
<>Aureobel, 2005)

Emmanuel Holterbach: Aare am Marzilibad
Li-Chuan Chong: Like sand

Richard Widerberg: On Ice
Arno Peeters: Spindown
Veikko Neuvonen: Spring Ice Crashes (Kevätjää ryskyy)
                                 ('From Dusk 'till Dawn', YLE, 2005)

Michihito Mizutani: Netsound (sonification of bit torrent)
Andrea Polli: MM52080new
                                 - sonification of climate, New York
Central Park

Jacob Kirkegaard: Gaea ('Eldfjall',
<>Touch, 2005)
                                 - geothermal recordings of vibrations in
the ground, Iceland

Peter Cusack: Highbury Station
                                 - sonification of electromagnetic fields,

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