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Subject: Cut and Splice update 1
From: Richard Whitelaw (
Date: Tue May 17 2005 - 06:53:36 EDT

This year's Cut and Splice festival kicked off in style last Friday with a
virtuosic performance of Kurt Schwitters' Ursonate given by Jaap Blonk. If
you missed Blonk's stunning performance and the audience's vigorous
appreciation, don't panic, all is not lost. A recording of the concert kicks
off our series of festival radio broadcasts this Saturday on BBC Radio 3's
Hear and Now. See below for details.

Tickets are still available for the concerts at LSO St. Luke's featuring
Robert Ashley's 'The Wolfman', Mauricio Kagel's 'Acustica' Peter Ablinger's
'IEAOV part 4' and audio-visual performances by Yasunao Tone and Olaf
Bender, Frank Bretschneider and Carsten Nicolai from Germany's Raster-Noton

Book now. Don't miss out!


Sonic Arts Network and BBC Radio 3 present Cut and Splice

This yearıs Cut and Splice festival presents Dots and Lines, a cluster of
events that explore the idea of notation and the relationship between score,
image, text and sound in electronic music and sound art.
Focusing on the gap between ideas and experience, between abstract concepts
and their relation to the tangible, Dots and Lines considers the analytical,
performative and documentary nature of music as written document and code.
It throws into relief our very concept of what constitutes the musical
experience and considers the complex dialogue between time based and static
art forms.
Gallery Show
Jerwood Space, Union St, London, SE1, tube - Southwark
14 May - 3 June
Monday ­ Saturday, 10 ­ 6, free entry
Including work by: Ashley, Brecht, Cage, Knowles, Levin/Liebermann, McLaren,
Nicolai, Raster-Noton, Schwitters & Wishart

Concert 1
LSO St. Lukeıs, 161 Old Street, London EC1, tube ­ Old Street
22 May, 7.30pm
Robert Ashley - The Wolfman
performed by Joel Ryan and Keir Neuringer

Peter Ablinger - IEAOV part 4 "für Johann Michael Fischer"
performed by Apartment House

Mauricio Kagel ­ Acustica
performed by Apartment House
Tickets: £10/8 Barbican Box Office: 020 7638 8891 (9am ­ 8pm, daily, bkg
fee) or (reduced bkg fee)


Artist Talk
Yasunao Tone in conversation with the Wire's Alan Cummings
Jerwood Space, Union St, London, SE1, tube - Southwark
28 May, 2.00pm, free entry

Concert 2
LSO St. Lukeıs, 161 Old Street, London, EC1, tube ­ Old Street
29 May, 7.30pm

Yasunao Tone ­ Paramedia-Centripetal (Premiere)

Raster-Noton artists:
Olaf Bender (aka Byetone)
Frank Bretschneider
Carsten Nicolai (aka Alva Noto)

Tickets: £10/8 Barbican Box Office: 020 7638 8891 (9am ­ 8pm, daily, bkg
fee) or (reduced bkg fee)

Closing Event
Jerwood Space, Union St, London, SE1, tube - Southwark
3 June, 7.30pm
John Cage - Williams Mix
performed by Langham Research Centre and Quartet Electronische
Free event
A limited number of tickets are available from the BBC Ticket Line: 020 8576

A specially curated Dots and Lines webspace at

*An international selection of web-based works curated by Honor Hager around
the ŒDots and Linesı theme. Including work from: Boredom Research,
Rigazieds, Stanza & Tom Betts
*Extensive notes on all of the artists and work featured in the series
*Video plus stereo and 5.1 streamed audio from the yearıs Cut and Splice
*Interviews with selected artists and performers available as downloadable
*Specially commissioned texts relating to the work featured in this yearıs
Cut and Splice, authors include Kenneth Goldsmith, Paul Attinello, Robert
Worby and Wire contributors Rob Young and Alan Cummings
*A collection of internet based sound toys and games

Performances and artist interviews from the 2005 Cut and Splice festival
will be broadcast in BBC Radio 3ıs Hear and Now show. 90-93 FM:

21 May, 11pm ­ Private View & Gallery focus
28 May, 11pm ­ Concert 1
11 June, 11pm ­ Concert 2 & Closing Event

Cut and Splice is presented with the support of The Wire and Jerwood Space

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