Re: Fieldware

Subject: Re: Fieldware
From: Henry Rodrick (
Date: Tue May 10 2005 - 04:58:17 EDT

Sounds to me like DAT is still a good option.
Better sounding than MD, more reliable than HD..
And you can record and store hundreds of hours without problems (and
select later what you actually wanna transfer to your HD).

On 2005-05-10, at 10.42, Reid, David wrote:
> 1. Ongoing storage medium of accumulating recorded files needs to be
> considered. If you are working on a long term project then you need
> gigabuckets of hard drive space or a means of transfer to DVD or CD -
> choice of media depending on audio sample rates you want to record and
> store at.
> 2. I experienced a fail to record in concert this weekend even with
> 23 GB to record to available on the drive. I had only been using the
> recorder for two weeks, OK, I use the recorder everyday, but
> apparently, according to the manufacturer, the HD was in need of
> defragmentation. So, be warned, it is best to erase/reformat the
> drive before each session.

//henry rodrick

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