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Date: Tue May 10 2005 - 04:42:09 EDT

Hi -

Further to my earlier response using HD recorders a couple of things need to be kept in mind before opting for this medium -

1. Ongoing storage medium of accumulating recorded files needs to be considered. If you are working on a long term project then you need gigabuckets of hard drive space or a means of transfer to DVD or CD - choice of media depending on audio sample rates you want to record and store at.

2. I experienced a fail to record in concert this weekend even with 23 GB to record to available on the drive. I had only been using the recorder for two weeks, OK, I use the recorder everyday, but apparently, according to the manufacturer, the HD was in need of defragmentation. So, be warned, it is best to erase/reformat the drive before each session.

David Reid

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dear Loco,

if you're still searching, here's my twopence of info...:

i'm happy with my Marantz PMD670 (there's a smaller+cheaper version
out recently) for field recs
multiple rec formats : PCM 44.1 kHz WAV, mp3 various etc
then USB --> computer
i use it together with stereo mic Rode NT4

i would not recommend DAT to anyone today - mechanical problems,
expensive maintenance etc

this is a B) category solution, i think the two would cost less than
1,000 USD together today


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