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Date: Sat May 07 2005 - 17:07:00 EDT

A - I have just gone for a Sound Devices 722, a 2 track HD recorder, fantastic. Also tried the 4 track 744T with time code but that was too expensive for me and I am not ready for time code yet. XRL, very compact, great for field recording and concerts -

I am new to the list, can I access what I have missed on microphones?



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Subject: Fieldware
Mr. Rodrick has spoken on microphones. I have questions about recording
hardware. I'm in the market for something new - BUT what should I get? I'm
talking about field recording, or simply mobile recording at that, from
pasture to concert hall, so to say.

All things considered; what is best:

1. The new kind of MD, which I understand is un-compressed? (types, brands,

2. A mobile DAT unit? (brands, urls)

3. Some kind of solid state recorder? (types, brands, urls)

If you'd like to help me (and others, I suppose), could you deliver replies
in two groupings:

A) When money is not a problem.

B) When money IS a problem.


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