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Subject: RE: problems with Pro Tools
From: Andrew Nicols (
Date: Wed May 04 2005 - 06:17:46 EDT

I know this isn't exactly helpful but...

We run a number of G5s, all 1.6Ghz G5s with 1.25Gb RAM with a DIGI002
interface and Pro tools 6.4

All of these work moderately fine, with the exception being that we get a
DAE error when we use certain disk drives - a problem which is probably our
fault because of the way we have some of our disks set up.

You shouldn't need heaps of RAM, but if you're getting buffer problems on an
MBox, check where it's plugged in. If I remember correctly, it's a USB
device and needs it's own powered USB2.0 connection, so therefore the USB
hub in the Apple keyboards will not suffice.

The other thing to try, is that when you a running pro tools, open up an X11
window or a terminal window and type free, or sudo free. I'm not in front of
a mac right now to check. That should tell you much memory you have free.
Also, in the Windows menu on Pro Tools, there is a system Usage menu - open
it and it will show you lots of pretty bar graphs for things like processor
usage etc.

Pro Tools also likes to have the Processor setting to High rather than
Automatic I believe - or was that Logic. Anyway, it can't harm really so
it's worth a try.

We can successfully run 12-18 tracks with numerous plug ins on our Digi002s
which don't offer any TDM on less powerful macs. You shouldn't have problems
with yours,


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My set-up is not identical, but similar (G5 2x2 gHz, RME Digiface,
Nuendo), but it remained somewhat capricious untill I added RAM to a
total of 3.5 Gig. After that it became very reliable.

The Console (system.log) showed that the actual available RAM was not
necessarily consistent with what you really load into it (samples,
files, etc.). So you really need much more RAM that you would think in
order to always have some available.

Hope it helps...

Le 05-05-03, à 16:36, Rainer Bürck a écrit :

> Hi,
> Some weeks ago I purchased a Mac G5 (2x1.8 GHz) computer and Pro Tools
> 6.7
> LE with MBox. I encountered a problem several times when I played a
> session or recorded to it. The process then would stop and issue the
> following message:
> "CPU usage is holding off USM audio. Remove some plug-ins, delete some
> tracks, or increase the "H/W Buffer Size" in the Playback Engine
> dialog (
> -9130)".
> 1. I am not using any plug-ins so far
> 2. the problem occurs even if I use only 2 tracks ( so this shouldn't
> be a
> problem for a G5!!!!!)
> 3. I changed the "H/W Buffer Size" to several values, but this didn't
> seem to have any impact.
> This problem seems to occur arbitrarily. Sometimes I can playback a
> session without any problem; another time the mentioned problems occur
> when doing exactly the same. The same thing happens when recording or
> bouning a session to disk: sometimes it works, sometimes it crashes.
> Does anybody have an idea what could be the reason and how I could fix
> the
> problem?
> Thanks,
> Rainer
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