VSTi of Ionic Performer

Subject: VSTi of Ionic Performer
From: Dennis Bathory-Kitsz (bathory@maltedmedia.com)
Date: Tue May 03 2005 - 08:02:02 EDT

Hi all,

Since there have been some threads about classic synths, I thought I'd
mention: Last night I completed the first public beta of an emulation of
the Ionic Performer Synth from 1973.

The emulation (VSTi, PC only) can be found here:

The original Performer was manufactured briefly by Ionic Industries in
Morristown, New Jersey. I purchased the floor model and fellow composer
David Gunn purchased a production unit. For more info:
http://maltedmedia.com/people/bathory/killer.html (I called my synth
"Killer" because it was so doggone heavy ... about 80 lbs. in its wooden
case, and lots to drag around for live concerts.)

This VSTi is a close replica of the original Performer, including the
deficiencies of tuning, tracking and control. Switches, sliders, buttons,
illumated presets, indicator lights and keyboard are all made from photos
of the original. (Although all functions work, some of the lamps do not
function reliably in all VST hosts. It works perfectly in Sonar.)

Note: This VSTi is CPU-hungry. Together with Sonar, a 600+ MHz system is
needed. And the panel is large -- almost 1600 pixels wide. I wanted a real
performable unit on my computer and so didn't make it tiny.

My most recent contribution to the 60x60 project was made with this VSTi.

Best to all,

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