EA concert in London

Subject: EA concert in London
From: Ian Stewart (stewart@econtact.ca)
Date: Mon May 02 2005 - 18:15:59 EDT

There were a couple of small mistakes in the recent posting about Tuesday's
concert at City University in London, which are corrected below. It's a good
idea to reserve tickets by phone in advance, and say hello if you're able to
all the best,

Electroacoustic Concert - Tuesday 3rd May 2005, 7pm

Marcus Papageorgiou             Rapid Cycling
Jean-Marc Pelletier                 Tashikara
Owen Green                           Cook, cook,
Pierre Alexandre Tremblay     La Cloche Fe�l�ee
Ste�phane Roy                        
Appartenances: The�me celte
Ste�phane Roy                        
Appartenances: Th�eme latin

Performance Area, Department of Music
City University
Northampton Square
London EC1V OHB

Tickets �£5, �£2.50 concessions
Box office 020 7040 8242/8097 for information and reservations

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