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>Subject: [Acma-l] re: Interview: Electronic maestros (New Scientist Magazine)
>Hi everyone.
>I have a little research blog and mentioned the recent Peter Vogel New
>Scientist interview, and some of the following discussion that occurred
>here. (I quoted Warren & Greg without asking - I hope you don't mind ;).
>Anyway, Peter has replied in the comments section of my blog. If you'd
>like to continue the conversation, please leave a comment, or email him
>directly at
># Peter Vogel Says:
>April 29th, 2005 at 8:53 pm e
>Hi Greg and Warren, good to hear from you again!
>You are correct - Tony Furse's design of the "M8 synthesiser" was the
>foundation on which we developed what was to become the Fairlight CMI.
>When Kim & I met Tony he had worked miracles with what was then cutting
>edge microprocessor technology. A pair of 1MHz 8 bit micros were running
>a light-pen and graphics system that could create sounds by Fourier
>At the time we licensed the design Tony was working on true synthesis
>techniques and it was some time later that we realised the practical
>value of what would subsequently become known as "sampling".
>Fairlight then went on to refine sampling as much as possible give the
>limitations of the technology, the main task being to make it accessible
>to musicians. Tony Furse's design of the underlying processing system
>made al lthis possible a decade before personal computers hit the scene.
>The contribution of many musicians (our customers) all along the line
>should also be recognised.
>Perhaps the hardest part for me was "keeping the faith" for 14 years,
>latching on to the idea of sampling rather than synthesising, and
>keeping the company going through what was a constant financial battle
>(which eventually ended in financial disaster for me and Kim).
>The success of the Fairlight was the result of over 10 years of
>evolution to which many engineers and musicians contributed along the way.
>Google will show a number of articles that give more detailed background
>Peter Vogel
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