Radio Art on the radio in May

Subject: Radio Art on the radio in May
From: Nadene (
Date: Sat Apr 30 2005 - 11:54:12 EDT

Radio Art on the radio in May
This is a message to all radio producers/programmers on this list

Help us celebrate radio art throughout the month of May as part of the Deep Wireless festival by playing it on your programme. If you haven't already received your copy of the Deep Wireless 2 Radio Art compilation CD then please send me an e-mail (off-list) with your coordinates and I'll send you a copy.  If you do plan to include pieces from the DW 2 CD, let me know and we'll add your programme links to our "radio art on the radio" page on the Deep Wireless web-site.



Deep Wireless On CD,

Deep Wireless 2
Radio Art compilation
The Deep Wireless radio art compilation was first created as part of the 2004 Deep Wireless festival with the intention of fostering both the creation of radio art through the annual call for submissions and awareness for radio art by disseminating it to the general public via radio broadcasts. Deep Wireless 2 consists of a small portion of the pieces collected in an international call for submissions on the theme Belonging and represents some of the many talented radio and sound artists from around the world. Deep Wireless 2 is for radio use only and not for re-sale.
Deep Wireless 2 will be released April 15th, 2005. Stay tuned for a chance to hear samples from the CD.
CD 1
1/ Deep Deep Wireless (an intro) by Gregory Whitehead 0:20
2/ As We Know by Gregory Whitehead 2:25
3/ Losing It (excerpt) by Katharine Norman 4:15
4/ Night Ascends From the Ear like a Butterfly by Hideko Kawamoto 8:12
5/ Pants on Fire / Liar Liar by Marjorie Chan 13:17
6/ Walking in Bad Circles by Joan Schuman 3:26
7/ J'apprivoisie La Rue Saint-André by Andrea-jane Cornell 7:20
8/ Tuning In (Section 1) by Linda Okeeffe 9:02
9/ The Harvey Christ Radio Hour presents: The Big Baptizing! 13:36
10/Soul of the City by Eldad Tsabary 7:58
11/FREEDOM HIGHWAY by Emmanuel Madan 6:46

CD 2
1/ Soundbite Society by Milena Droumeva 10:05
2/ redo / speaking song by Debashis Sinha 4:49
3/ Arctic Sun Arctic Wind by Audrey Churgin 4:46
4/ EsquizofrŽnia (Schizophrenia) by Alexis Perepelycia 9:59
5/ Loud is Paramount by Lisa Gasior 6:01
6/ In Silent Time by Richard Windeyer 12:21
7/ Pop Titles 'You' by Pamela Z 3:42
8/ Rocket by Aura Bogado 6:20
9/ 9.17.2003 by Mike McFerron 4:47
10/Blacktop by Jay Needham 12:41

© 2005, New Adventures in Sound Art
401 Richmond St. W. #358, Toronto, On M5V 3A8
Audio Mastering: Darren Copeland
Design & Editing: Nadene Thériault-Copeland
CD Illustrations: Prashant Miranda

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