MaxMSP Summer Courses | July 2005

Subject: MaxMSP Summer Courses | July 2005
From: Ian Stonehouse (
Date: Fri Apr 29 2005 - 06:16:17 EDT

MaxMSP Summer Courses - July 2005

During July 2005 Goldsmiths College Electronic Music Studios will be
running its popular Max/MSP Summer Courses for a fifth year.

Our MaxMSP courses have previously attracted participants from across
the UK, Europe, North America and Australia, including students,
educators, mainstream musicians, composers/sound artists, and
performers who utilise live electronics.

Course dates:

MaxMSP Introductory Course #1
Saturday 2nd, Sunday 3rd, Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th July 2005
Tutor: Tim Ward

MaxMSP Introductory Course #2
Tuesday 5th - Friday 8th July 2005 (inclusive)
Tutor: Tim Ward

MaxMSP Advanced Course #1
Monday 11th - Thursday 14th July 2005 (inclusive)
Tutor: Sebastian Lexer

MaxMSP Advanced Course #2
Friday 15th - Monday 18th July 2005 (inclusive, over weekend)
Tutor: Sebastian Lexer

Full course details, cost and booking forms are available at


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