Re: Call for Microsounds / Macrosounds

Subject: Re: Call for Microsounds / Macrosounds
From: Matt Rogalsky (
Date: Fri Apr 29 2005 - 04:26:56 EDT

Dear Petr

You would be welcome to play a couple of short pieces available from my
website, which are reductions of George W Bush speeches made by
removing all sound above a very low threshold. All that remains is the
President's breath, and any background noise which was present.
I documented these and other pieces made with similar processes, in an
article in the journal "Digital Creativity" Vol 14 No 2, 2003.

Take a look at

follow 'project sites' link

the pieces are:
"Two Minutes Fifty Seconds Silence"
"a little bird told me"

Matt Rogalsky
(Kingston Ontario Canada)

On 27 Apr 2005, at 15:01, Petri Kuljuntausta wrote:

> Hello,
> for my next 'Sounds in Space' radio program (YLE Finnish Radio 1) I am
> looking for electronic compositions and sound works based on sounds
> which are normally difficult to capture and perhaps impossible to
> hear.
> I am interested about the works (or just sounds) based on
> a) extremely tiny sounds :: like piezo recordings of vibrating
> materials or other microscopic sound phenomenons, amplified flies or
> bugs or even smaller creatures, hydrophone recordings of underwater
> life / creatures, sounds based on bioelectricity...
> b) extremely 'large' sounds :: like space sounds, atmosphere
> recordings, cloud recordings, seismic vibration, thunder / storm,
> bridge recordings...
> I am going to prepare this program during the second week of May, so
> the deadline for material is Thursday May 12th.
> all the best,
> petr!
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> PS1.
> If the size of your sound file is not gigantic, I could dload it from
> your web site.
> PS2.
> my snail mail address:
> P.K.
> Niittylanpolku 14
> Fin-00620 Helsinki
> Finland
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