Re: Buried under a pile of sounds

Subject: Re: Buried under a pile of sounds
From: Henry Rodrick (
Date: Thu Apr 28 2005 - 16:47:27 EDT

Nice app, but someone's gotta give that interface a beauty makeover..
I have QuickSilver running in the background for quick app launching,
and the icon is shown in the toolbar instead of dock... That would be a
good feature in this case too.. And an autostart feature too, of

2005-04-28 kl. 22.19 skrev Rick:

> But you're right really. Apple should just give the guy some dosh it
> and incorporate it into the OS. It's an oversight really. You can have
> thumbnails for pics.
> r
> On 4/28/05, Rick <> wrote:

//henry rodrick

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