Re: Call for Microsounds / Macrosounds

Subject: Re: Call for Microsounds / Macrosounds
From: Petri Kuljuntausta (
Date: Thu Apr 28 2005 - 09:34:26 EDT

At 11:47 AM 4/28/05, Roald Baudoux wrote:

>You should listen to the sound works of Knud Viktor. He built his own
>microphones and managed to record very tiny sounds like those of walking ants!

I am aware about Viktor's LPs that he made long time ago, but I haven't
seen any CDs, is there any...?

There is a French documentary (made 10-15 years ago) about contemporary
music and electroacoustic music, where also K. Viktor told about his
recordings -- unfortunately I don't remember the name of the documentary,
but I have a vhs copy somewhere...

>He lives in the countryside in southern France.

Do you know his contact?

Richard Lerman has done great pieces in this area, recordings based on self
built piezo-microphones... sounds of ants, cactus, windows, trees, birds,
grass, aeolian harps...

Richard's CD 'Within Earreach: Sonic Journeys' is excellent in many ways.
Unfortunately the Cd is out-of-print, but Aureobel label will re-release it
on May 15th (it is launch date of the new label).


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