Re: Sharawadji Effect

Subject: Re: Sharawadji Effect
From: Henry Rodrick (
Date: Wed Apr 27 2005 - 13:27:17 EDT

The term Sharawadji is very new to me, but I like the feeling of
getting a sonic overload by listening to the extremely complex sound of
the nature or the city environment. I guess that's the Sharawadji
effect for me.
Putting one object in audible focus, gives the listening experience
even more depth too. I guess this must be the most interesting part
when recording field sound too.

The harbour area in my home town is one of my favorites soundscapes.
It's extremely detailed with the boat drones, chatting people, water
sounds and very diffused steel factory noises.

One thing that would be cool, would be to record soundscapes in multi
channel. Has anyone here experimented with that?
A "cross" of 4 X/Y mics would maybe result in a true 8 channel
Sharawadji experience :)

//henry rodrick

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