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Subject: Re: Sharawadji Effect
From: andrea cornell (
Date: Wed Apr 27 2005 - 12:45:11 EDT

How very exciting it was to see so many posts about the sharawadji effect!!
I am in my fist year of an MA program in Media Studies at Concordia University, and the title of my Thesis project is " Tracking the Sharawadji" I read about the aesthetic effect last winter and experienced it while sound walking at 3:30 am in the winter. I kept on hearning tese wavering tones, coming from far off in the distance, the direction of it was unknown, but it captured my entire attention, drawing me into its sonic magnificience!Upon futher examination of the recoding captured that evening, when i boosted to lower frequencies, i realized that these tones were coming from the train tracks approximately 20 blocks away!
This is what has lead me to chose a section of the CN railway tracks(from Iberville and Rachel to Parc and Van Horne) as the object of study for my thesis project. Just thought i'd share that with you all, as i am interested in hearing what others would describe as a Sharawadji effect, as it is different for each individual one person's sonic bliss is another person's noise
Anyways, i am super excited about the Augoyard & Torgue book.
Rick <> wrote:
It also fits that feeling for other natural events that contain that
type of beautiful complexity.


Thanks for the links. I should have been including webstreams. Good tip.


On 4/27/05, Henry Rodrick wrote:
> Anyway, it's very nice to have a word to use for that special feeling
> of field rec./soundscapes that I love.
> By the way (and slightly off topic), here are some links for your radio
> station list:
> (128 kbps & lofi web stream)
> (web stream offline, but has online
> archive)
> (austrian radio show, online archive)
> (80 kbps web stream)
> (not a station, but a great archive of
> alternative radio stuff)
> 2005-04-27 kl. 13.59 skrev Rick:
> > "the beauty of studied irregularity" either Chinese or Japanese and
> > maybe related to sorowaji-(j) "the two sides of a design that do not
> > match."
> >
> > nice,
> >
> > Rick
> >
> //henry rodrick
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Rick Nance
De Montfort University
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