Re: Using Mac Servers fo music

Subject: Re: Using Mac Servers fo music
From: J. Simon van der Walt (
Date: Wed Apr 27 2005 - 00:57:26 EDT

> I was wondering if any of you have information
> about using Mac Servers instead of buying individual machines for
> each composition studio. I do not know anything about the pros and
> cons of using servers to do music (digital audio, midi, scores, etc).
> Any insight on this?

Would a related question count as an insight? We've got 13 PCs running over
a network to a big Windows file server which runs all the student files for
the entire college. We're mainly using Cubase SX, also sfz, VSampler3,
Audacity. The students' work, including audio projects gigs in size with
many, many tracks, are located on the server, not the local HD. Amazingly,
this works; even at times of network congestion, the audio hardly ever seems
to stall!

Next year we're going to put a couple of macs on the system as well, running
Logic 7 and Max/MSP. Will running the audio files from the win server over
smb work, I wonder? (If not, I'm going to look pretty stupid, as 'the mac

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