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Subject: Re: Peter Huebner
From: Dominique Bassal (
Date: Sat Apr 23 2005 - 11:07:23 EDT

Le 05-04-22, à 15:43, John Kamevaar a écrit :

>> It would interest me to find an elaboration on the concept of ".. pure
>> "audio"..."or, empirically, the provision of another example.

The best possible elobaboration available is just to do the test I

If, after having thought in your mind "this is crap", you still do not
stop the playback, the remaining time is "pure audio". All yours to
measure, define, elaborate on and... tell us about!

>> ...and just post back to the list how many more minutes than normally,
>> if any, you have listened to it for pure "audio" reasons: 2:1, 3:1,
>> 10:1, etc.


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Dominique Bassal

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