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Date: Fri Apr 22 2005 - 17:38:43 EDT

hello, does anyone have an email address for any of the following people?

please respond privately,

jef chippewa,

Nicolas Basque (Montréal CANADA)
Hogg Bennett (Newcastle upon Tyne UK)
Darlene Chepil Reid (Thunder Bay Canada)
Charles de Mestral (Montréal CANADA)
Bruno Degazio (Toronto Canada)
Diane Dickert (Calgary CANADA)
Shawn Ferris (Charlottetown CANADA)
Steve Godin (Montréal CANADA)
Bentley Jarvis (London CANADA)
Giovanni Landonio (Buguggiate, Varese ITALY)
Chantale Laplante (Montreal CANADA)
David Olds (Toronto Canada)
Ryan Patterson (Montréal CANADA)
Ryan Slashinsky (Toronto CANADA)
Todor Todoroff (Bruxelles BELGIUM)
Stefan Udell (Vancouver CANADA)
Trevor Wishart (York UK)
Eric C. Woodley (Toronto CANADA)


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