Re: Recording field sound

Subject: Re: Recording field sound
From: Henry Rodrick (
Date: Fri Apr 22 2005 - 01:26:50 EDT

Wow! A stereo mic for less than $300? That's about what I paid for my
AKG C1000.
I know about Telinga, a Swedish company. I thought they were only
making parabolic (and very exclusive/expensive) solutions though.
What I'm trying to avoid is an extra preamp.

2005-04-22 kl. 05.35 skrev Larry Austin:

> Yes, I have used an Audio Technica AT822 for several years and
> find it works very well. I can't recall exactly, but I believe I paid
> below $300 US for it.
> Larry Austin
> Shane Turner wrote:

//henry rodrick

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