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Subject: Re: Peter Huebner
From: Richard Wentk (
Date: Wed Apr 20 2005 - 05:34:55 EDT

At 04:02 20/04/2005, you wrote:
>It seems that I did a lousy job in explaining the context of my first
>question to the list about Huebner. I will try again:
>I have a calibrated room+speakers situation, which means that I enjoy a
>rather flat monitoring. In this room, the Huebner mp3 creates a
>curiously "empty minded", but still very effective fascination,
>although I personally hate everything about the music, the guy, the
>sites, the pretentious prose and the whole cultist scene. But if this
>was a "standard" new age production, I estimate that I would have
>listened for about 30 seconds and then push the space bar once and for
>all. Instead I found myself listening - on and off - to maybe a total
>of 10 minutes. Let's say that this creates, in my case, a
>"sound-vs-musical-interest" ratio of 20:1.

I listened to some of these last night, and I have to agree. Whatever it
is, it's not simple New Age mush.

However... it strongly reminded me of the kind of aimless noodliness you
get from a lot of computer generated music. Considering the man is so
prolific, and considering it's all sample-based, I wouldn't be surprised if
these pieces were put together in (e.g.) Common Music and then rendered
using a software sampler.

What was missing was a sense of larger scale structure. You could hear
motifs and fragments colliding and repeated all over the place, but there
didn't seem to be any large scale form, and not much in the way of light
and shade.

And I have to say I've heard much less interesting pieces at EA concerts. :-)


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