Re: future of music essays

Subject: Re: future of music essays
From: Richard Wentk (
Date: Tue Apr 19 2005 - 12:11:13 EDT

At 15:46 19/04/2005, you wrote:

>It would be easy to spend 7 1/2 hours examining "the social structures and
>relationships that surround" [these sections], possibly starting from the
>fundamental concepts of identity and boundaries, kinds of meta-principles
>of structure and relationship, as they start from the bases of
>neurological organization of stimulus and how perception works, but the
>examination of these fragments of Kontakte was doing exactly that.

Actually all I meant was that people don't much seem to like music unlike
it comes with some sense of the (cult of) personality behind the sound.

AI generated music will always lack that, so I suspect that outside of
elevator muzak and phone hold music, its market will be limited.


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