Re: PETER HUEBNER: Prolific ea composer (?)

Subject: Re: PETER HUEBNER: Prolific ea composer (?)
From: R. Vens (
Date: Tue Apr 19 2005 - 09:42:28 EDT

I do not agree with that statement(see below). Music
had always a purpose. To dance, to meditate (such
as church music for example),... why couldn't we use
music as a therapy?
So the research in music therapy isn't pointless I

But I think that this guy is a fake researcher. Of
what I saw, he is more a gourou than a reseacher.
Why m I saying that???

First u can read this:

In this article, he is not telling facts, he is making
 judgments on society and contemporary art without
even giving argument. For example this quote: "I don’t
take any consideration of this hypocritical
“intoxication of art” let off by several of the
classical experts."
A reseacher doesn't make that kind of judgements from
the beginning... By doing so his objectivity can be

Another thing is the title of this article: "THE
MODERN CLASSICAL COMPOSER". It's pretty obvious that
he is talking about him as THE only modern classical
composer. U get the feeling that it's not his
research but him that is important.

This feeling gets stronger when u browse thru the
website: there isn't a page where u don't see his
name or his picture.
Now probably that his researchs aren't totally wrong
(and that's his true power), they always have some
truth in it but the way he is "served" to ppl makes it
dangerous. It works like a sect and can be harmfull
for people that will totally fall into the
manipulation. It reminds me of another medical
research even more dreadfull called "Total biology".
It claims that all physiological problems comes from
psychological trouble (for example a cancer come from
an old non solved childhood psychological trauma).

I think all those paramedical therapy can be
interesting because they have a part of "right" in
their statements but it has to be taken with


PS: It's kind of funny to see the correlation in the
display the website of Micro Music Laboratories and
the one of the Total Biology
( U have the same
"gourou" thing about claude Sabbah...

--- John Nowak <> wrote:
I don't like psychology whatsoever: using music like a
drug is
stupid. One shouldn't do that : music is the product
of the highest
intelligence, and of the best senses, the listening
senses and of
imagination and intuition. And as soon as it becomes
just a means for
ambiance, as we say, environment, or for being used
for certain
then music becomes a whore, and one should not allow
that really; one
not serve any existing demands or in particular not
commercial values.
would be terrible: that is selling out the music. - Stockhausen


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