Re: future of music essays

Subject: Re: future of music essays
From: Eliot Handelman (
Date: Tue Apr 19 2005 - 00:55:14 EDT

Ned Bouhalassa wrote:

> Eliot,
> I wrote formulaic, almost robot-made music, not algorithmic
> composition. The form of many of top 40 pieces is identical, and the
> chord progressions are from a tried-and-true mold, right?

Maybe, but figuring out a robotic strategy for when you can do this or
that in such a way
that it works is still completely beyond anything anyone knows how to

> Ned
> PS: You conside that Celine Dion's music is 'good'? ;-)

Compared to current melody generators her stuff is fantastic. I only
listened to a few cuts
of the album that came out maybe last year and felt it was beyond
current computing.

-- eliot

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