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Date: Mon Apr 18 2005 - 19:56:38 EDT

I'm no expert, but the few recordings of real zen buddhist music (as opposed
to "tourist music") I've heard are the exact opposite of his "maximalist"
technique, being extremely sparse and lyrical. But still of interest
sonically. Performers use breathing techniques to create different timbres.
I even once heard a recording of two shakuhachi (bamboo flute) players who
would fluctuate in pitch at extremely close frequencies, creating "beating"
between the flutes, I wish I could find it again. Much more interesting
musically and historically (to me anyway), especially as there are very few
musicians who have kept this traditional music alive.

Actually I didn't mind it for the first minute either, as passive listening
with a few subtle "bloopy" synth pads here and there in the background.
However, I got the feeling, due to the repetitive use of the same samples,
that the alluded-to quality of his production has something to do with the
fact that he probably has some excellent orchestral sample sets, like the
East/West collection, or Miroslav Virtous.


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> The Huebner MP3:s sounds like a typical newage prodution. Using lots of
> stereo wideners. Filter into separate frequency bands and delay each
> slightly different and spread in stereo (there are probably lots of other
> ways to achieve the effect).
> To my ears it sounds impressive for the first three seconds, after three
> minutes it just sound awful ...
> /Jan Larsson
> 2005-04-18 kl. 04.45 skrev Dominique Bassal:
>> Le 05-04-17, à 21:40, Kevin Austin a écrit :
>>> At 11:12 AM -0400 4/16/05, Dominique Bassal wrote:
>>> The mp3 examples sound extremely well: balance, frequency distribution,
>>> stereo field are about as perfect as I ever experienced.
>>> I guess I will start to look for new monitors next week.
>> I am curious: how would you describe the way they sound in your actual
>> monitors?

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