FW: Call for Papers, Performances and Creative Works

Subject: FW: Call for Papers, Performances and Creative Works
From: Christof Migone (cm341@nyu.edu)
Date: Mon Apr 18 2005 - 18:39:08 EDT

> Call for Papers, Performances and Creative Works
> University of Victoria, BC, Canada
> September 8th-11th, 2005
> Submissions for papers and proposals for performances, installations and
> other creative works are now being accepted for the COLLISION Symposium to
> be held at the University of Victoria, BC, Canada from September 8-11, 2005.
> It is sometimes assumed that Interarts and Interdisciplinary creation
> involves a seamless integration [NC1] <> of two or more distinct artistic
> practices, and ideally that these practices will easily fuse into a work
> that can be viewed as an integrated whole. However, as artists who attempt
> this fusion find, it is often far from easy to integrate disparate media.
> For the Collisions Symposium we seek presentations and artistic works that
> examine these difficulties, conflicts, rough seams, uneven mixtures, and the
> debris and detritus resulting from artistic collisions, as well as
> presentations that question how artists approach these acts of
> integration/disintegration.
> We are seeking proposals for conference-length papers and performances that
> address the issues of Interarts creation/collaboration as a collision
> between artistic elements and forms. For this symposium we seek to create an
> atmosphere of interaction between academic discussion and artistic
> presentation. Consequently, we also encourage presentations that fall
> between the standard academic paper format, including discussions your
> interarts/interdisciplinary practice, lecture-performances, and creative
> works that engage critical interaction. We welcome papers that examine
> theoretical concepts and/or the development of artistic processes, as well
> as performances and creative works from within the following areas:
> Sound Art
> Instrumental Theatre
> Immersive Environments
> New Music Theatre
> Interactive Works
> Visual Theatre
> Live Art
> Video/Visual Poetry
> Dance Theatre
> Performance Art
> Intermedia
> Experimental Theatre
> We also welcome presentations that examine the following topics or artists:
> Fluxus
> Dada
> Happenings
> Gesamtkunstwerk
> Total Theatre
> Sound Walks
> Dramaturgy for Interarts/Interdisciplinary Creation
> Collaborative Processes for Interarts/Interdisciplinary Creation
> Directing Interarts/Interdisciplinary Creation
> Pedagogy of Interarts/Interdisciplinary Creation
> Heiner Goebbels
> George Aperghis
> John Cage
> Robert Wilson
> Pina Bausch
> R. Murray Schaffer
> Meredith Monk
> Dieter Schnebel
> Mauricio Kagel
> For Paper Submissions (20-30 minute presentations), please forward an
> abstract (.doc, .rtf format) of no more than 300 words to Dylan Robinson at
> dylanr@uvic.ca
> For Performances and Creative works please mail submissions to:
> Dylan Robinson
> Department of Visual Arts
> University of Victoria
> PO Box 1700 STN CSC
> Victoria BC V8W 2Y2
> For Artistic works and Performances Please Include:
> 1. Documentation of the work including slides, video, DVD, or recordings
> 2. A short description of the work including requirements for the type
> presentation space and length of the performance
> Please note that we are only able to provide minimal technical support, and
> no financial compensation for travel or transportation of materials.
> Successful applicants will be notified of their acceptance in early June.
> _____

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