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Subject: Re: PETER HUEBNER: Prolific ea composer (?)
From: Jan L. (
Date: Mon Apr 18 2005 - 01:54:23 EDT

There is sound therapy. And then there is sound therapy.

Listeining to the music you like can of course have a positive effect.

But then there is Huebner and others claim that just their sound has a
well defined clinical effect that replace other forms of medication. To
my knowledge theories of the bodies resonant frequencies have been
around at least since the 19th century.

There are also products based on the various frequencies of the brain.
You typically feed a frequency into each ear and the difference (in Hz)
is claimed to create "binaural beats" and to have various effects like
"superlearning" and improving concentration. See the link below as an

/Jan Larsson

2005-04-18 kl. 06.10 skrev Dominique Bassal:

> Yes, how could one disagree with that? The question really is: has
> someone - Peter Huebner & al - at least partially succeeded in doing
> it? For example, does it "work" on you? In what type of monitoring? I
> think it is fairly important to find out, with a good sample of
> "out-of-the-cult" listeners. Anyone?
> Best
> Le 05-04-17, à 23:29, John Nowak a écrit :
>> On Apr 17, 2005, at 10:45 PM, Dominique Bassal wrote:
>>> Even more scary/interesting: their "research" at least partially
>>> works, because even in the cheesiest, more stupid and repetitive
>>> "harmonies", one continues to be captivated by a truly
>>> captivating-but-empty, purely audio bliss. Worked with all examples
>>> I tried.
>> I don't like psychology whatsoever: using music like a drug is
>> stupid. One shouldn't do that : music is the product of the highest
>> human
>> intelligence, and of the best senses, the listening senses and of
>> imagination and intuition. And as soon as it becomes just a means for
>> ambiance, as we say, environment, or for being used for certain
>> purposes,
>> then music becomes a whore, and one should not allow that really; one
>> should
>> not serve any existing demands or in particular not commercial
>> values. That
>> would be terrible: that is selling out the music. - Stockhausen
>> - John
> - -
> Dominique Bassal

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