Re: PETER HUEBNER: Prolific ea composer (?)

Subject: Re: PETER HUEBNER: Prolific ea composer (?)
From: John Nowak (
Date: Sun Apr 17 2005 - 23:29:18 EDT

On Apr 17, 2005, at 10:45 PM, Dominique Bassal wrote:

> Even more scary/interesting: their "research" at least partially
> works, because even in the cheesiest, more stupid and repetitive
> "harmonies", one continues to be captivated by a truly
> captivating-but-empty, purely audio bliss. Worked with all examples I
> tried.

I don't like psychology whatsoever: using music like a drug is
stupid. One shouldn't do that : music is the product of the highest
intelligence, and of the best senses, the listening senses and of
imagination and intuition. And as soon as it becomes just a means for
ambiance, as we say, environment, or for being used for certain
then music becomes a whore, and one should not allow that really; one
not serve any existing demands or in particular not commercial values.
would be terrible: that is selling out the music. - Stockhausen

- John

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