Matthew Burtner plays the Metasax

Subject: Matthew Burtner plays the Metasax
From: Robert MacKay (
Date: Sun Apr 17 2005 - 13:40:05 EDT

Thought this may be of interest to some of you...

Composer/saxophonist/computer musician Matthew Burtner plays the Metasaxophone:-

Performance Space 2,
University of Hull @ Scarborough,
Wednesday 20th April at 7:30pm (tickets £5/£3).

This will be preceded by a free talk in PS2 from 5pm till 6pm: ĎUnder the Hood of the Metasaxophone Colossusí.


The Metasaxophone is an acoustic tenor saxophone fitted with an onboard computer microprocessor, and an array of sensors that allow the performer to have a huge range of control over the amplified sound of the saxophone. More info at: and


Burtnerís music has been described as Ďsome of the most eerily effective electroacoustic music Iíve heardí by The Wire. He lectures at the University of Virginia, and is currently researching at IRCAM.


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