Re: PETER HUEBNER: Prolific ea composer (?)

Subject: Re: PETER HUEBNER: Prolific ea composer (?)
From: Eliot Handelman (
Date: Sat Apr 16 2005 - 20:54:06 EDT

Jan L. wrote:

> Huebner is also composing music "scientifically", i.e. writing music
> where each piece is targeted as treatment for a specific medical
> contition. As an example "hyper-active" children is mentioned where
> Huebner claims his music is a great improvement over the common
> medication - and in this case he is working together with scientology.

I haven't read the whole article, but this isn't quite what it says.
Apparently Scientology has been campaigning against
Ritalin for treatment of ADD kids. Huebner's claims, that his music can
be used as an alternative to ritalin, has
further confused parents of such kids.

-- eliot

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