Re: PETER HUEBNER: Prolific ea composer (?)

Subject: Re: PETER HUEBNER: Prolific ea composer (?)
From: Dominique Bassal (
Date: Sat Apr 16 2005 - 11:12:02 EDT

The mp3 examples sound extremely well: balance, frequency distribution,
stereo field are about as perfect as I ever experienced. The result is
impressive, massive but never aggressive... Even in the most densely
packed moments, every sound is amazingly detached-but-blended, one can
hear every single reverb, flawlessly tailored in content, lenght and
projection, and the placement of the sources remains as subtle as it is

Impressive technique. Everything I heard in EA is planets away from
this in terms of audio know-how.

- all those features are always there, every second... the system seems
to need to heavily "prove itself" permanently;
- long textures work better than rapid 'instrumental" movements. I
heard much more convincing sample playing in the Vienna collection...
- the general feel is too grandiloquent to my taste...
- some claims in the website seem a bit much: "By the help of the
Dynamic Space-Stereophony® the music is performed directly in the outer
acoustical space in the very same way as it unfolds according to
musical laws spatially in the consciousness of the classical composer"
- other claims are plain new age "philosophy" to me. Can someone, for
example, explain this to me: "The cognition of the absolute
sound-substance, i.e. the identifi-cation of the individual mind with
the comprehensive basic vibration of the harmony, or with the basic
vibration of cosmic thinking respectively, enables our mind to analyze
and synthesize in an integrated manner to understand and to feel in an
integrated manner and thus to experience and to comprehend
simultaneously the inner musical fields of knowledge of the motifs and
sequences, but also of tones and of the infinite field of the harmony
within space and time, as well as beyond space and time."


Le 05-04-15, à 20:28, Kevin Austin a écrit :

> Start (for example) here, with audio
> 0641%20Zen%20Symphonies/06412%20Zen%20Symphony%20Nr%202.htm
> and follow back to:
> With Peter Huebner we have before us one of the most significant and
> versatile classical composers of our time.
> ...
> Here one finds a creator of music whose works do not follow fashion,
> but develop solely out of personal conscience and free will. Today
> there are more than 1400 CD recordings of his creations, and more than
> 400 of them are on public release.
> Thoughts?
> Comments?
> Best
> Kevin
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Dominique Bassal

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