Arraymusic Performs with Giorgio Magnanensi - April 30,2005

Subject: Arraymusic Performs with Giorgio Magnanensi - April 30,2005
From: Theo Mathien (
Date: Thu Apr 07 2005 - 13:08:38 EDT

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Arraymusic presents
Giorgio Magnanensi Conducts

Saturday, April 30, 2005

Glenn Gould Studio
250 Front Street West, Toronto

$20 Adult/$15 Senior/$7 Student
$15 Arts & Culture Employee
Box Office: 416.205.5555

Info: 416.532.3019;

8:00 pm Concert / 7:15 p.m. Pre-concert Composers' Talk
Post-concert Reception; cash bar

Saturday, April 30th, Toronto contemporary music lovers will have the rare
opportunity to enjoy Vancouver New Music’s conductor, Giorgio Magnanensi,
when he leads the masterful Arraymusic Ensemble in a performance of a new
work written by the composer. The programme includes three works by
Magnanensi, including an improvisational work, as well as works by Frederick
Rzewski and Giacinto Scelsi.

Magnanensi's new work, un raggio (l’ombra e lo sguardo), uses the technique
of collage and assembling heterogeneous forms with a programmatic character.
Its fragmented nature underlines a ‘work in progress’ or tale without
beginning or end that defines a “permeable space” in which the composer is
free to explore diverse voices, soundscapes and fragments of forms which are
in fact “tales without history in a world without memory.”

Arraymusic also performs his piece Tamas II, and an electronics–based
improvisational work, which relies on the anarchic process of creatively
short-circuiting basic electronics to produce previously unintended sounds.
Battery-powered musical and talking toys which have been “transformed are
activated, randomly processed, layered and mixed together in the attempt to
embrace, rather than tame, the chaos."

The Arraymusic Ensemble is: Stephen Clarke, piano; Henry Kucharzyk,
conductor; Blair Mackay, percussion; Peter Pavlovsky, double bass; Richard
Sacks, percussion; Robert Stevenson, clarinets; Rebecca van der Post,
violin; and Michael White, trumpet. The Ensemble represents a
three-decades-plus Canadian tradition and the vanguard of contemporary
chamber music ranging from expressions of the delicate and lyrical to a kind
of orchestrated mayhem of ‘the possible.’ Performances never fail to display
a distinctive vigour, which is full of wit, humanity and imagination.

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