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Festival of Contemporary Music 2005
26th April - 4th May 2005
Sonic Arts Research Centre, Belfast

The Sonorities Festival is the longest-running new music festival in
Ireland and is one of the cornerstone Festivals in Europe presenting
innovative new music. The Festival has always brought to Northern
Ireland innovative ideas and sounds from across the world and the 2005
Festival is no exception in this regard. For 2005 we present the work
of artists who deliberately explore the space in between established
cultural forms. The festival explores the diversity of technological
arts, which better than any other, reflect the micro-cultures that
characterise our society. We are proud to present a programme that
showcases the variety of artistic practice at the beginning of the 21st

Luc Ferrari and Frank Zappa are two of the most thought-provoking and
controversial musicians of the last one hundred years. Zappa's You Call
That Music?, (incidentally not presented at this festival) is a work of
experimental music situated in a rock concert context. Zappa's
typically adept title summarises the importance of how an artist can
place his or her work in order to question cultural norms that are
associated with particular types of art practice. Luc Ferrari's visit
to Sonorities celebrates the work of the electronic music pioneer who
has constantly challenged genres and pre-defined music cultures.
Ferrari's playful and ironic approach to music-making provides an
alternative perspective on modernity and on the role of music in
contemporary society.

In a celebration of modes of creativity which go beyond the definitions
of music, visual and performance arts, this year’s festival features:

Ensemble Proxima Centauri (France) with UK and World Premieres of works
by Hespos, Talla, Leroux, Havel and Aperghis [26th April] and
especially commissioned audio-visual work by SARC’s composer in
residence Sebastian Castagna [27th April]

New work with live-electronics with Pianist Maki Namekawa (Germany)
[26th April]

Renzo Spiteri (Malta), Iain McCurdy and Michael Alcorn (UK) with Found
Objects and Live-electronics [28th April]

A celebration of electronic music pioneer Luc Ferrari (France) with a
unique orchestral performance of En un tournement d'amour [27th April],
and an evening of Sons Mémorisé on the 30th April.

The Ulster Orchestra performing new works with live-electronics by
Ricardo Climent (Spain) and especially commissioned Ed Bennett (UK)
[27th April]

Audio Visual performance with Paulo Raposo (Portugal) and Murmurists
(UK) 28th April

Sonorities @ the cathedral quarter (in collaboration with the Cathedral
Quarter Arts Festival): A full day of events in venues around the
city's cultural district including Fruit Music at St. George's Market,
a Lagan boat tour with Martin Parker’s Auto-Route #2, Ulster Orchestra
playing the music of Frank Zappa, and a club night of extreme
audio-visual work with 8GG (China), Lietterschpich (Israel) and
Raffaseder/Parker/Hörbst (UK/Austria) [29th April]

John Kenny and Chris Wheeler (UK) with a program of works written for
the duo which explore the combination of natural sounds with
instruments such as the trombone and the carnyx [30th April]

A site specific sound installation for the PLACE Built Environment
Centre by sound artist Ed Osborn (US)

SHE - Transformations: Vocalist Frances Lynch (UK) with a program of
electroacoustic music theatre and the limits of the human voice [1st

Performances of semi-improvised live-electronic music by Uli Mitzlav
and Miguel Pereira and Miso Ensemble (Portugal) [30th April and 2nd

Sound artist and hardware hacker Nic Colins (US) performing with a
range of modified musical instruments [2nd May]

Audio Visual performance project UNFAIR (Austria) featuring extreme
vocalist Dietmar Bruckmayr [3rd May]

Show-reel of audio-visual work by Jo Thomas, Mario Verandi, Germán
Toro-Pčrez, Yasuhiro Morinaga, Paulo Chagas, Mark Pilkington and

Other participating artists include:
John Young, Joăo Pedro Oliveira, Albert Ortega, Martin Franklin, Rajmil
Fischman, David Berezan, Andrew Czink, Michael Clarke, laut, Christian
Eloy, Renzo Spiteri, Martin Parker, Eduardo Miranda, Scott Krejci, Eric
Lyon, Annette Vande Gorn, Ludger Brümmer, Adrian Moore, Ian Stewart,
Antonin de Bemels and Gordon Delap, dis.playce, Jason Dixon and Henry
Vega, Gavin Morris and Tom Davis, Jonty Harrison, Martin Stig Andersen,
Jason Geistweidt, Christopher McClelland, Franziska Schroeder, Frank
Ekeberg, Wojciech Kosma, Jonathan Impett, John Bowers, Phil Archer,
Cesar Villavicencio, Matt Rogalsky, Ed Kelly, Alexis Perepelycia,
Shigeto Wada, Alex Sanders, James Dexter, Nick Melia, Simon Waters,
Stefano Scarani, Ireland String Quartet

A large number of events take advantage of the unique Sonic Laboratory
at the Sonic Arts Research Centre, Queen's University. The centre was
officially opened by Karlheinz Stockhausen during Sonorities 2004. The
Sonic Laboratory includes arrays of loudspeakers strategically located
around, above and below the audience area. Audiences walk out onto a
suspended, acoustically transparent floor and experience a
multi-dimensional sound world in the centre of a cube.

Sonorities counts with the support of the Arts Council Northern
Ireland, The Gulbenkian Foundation, Arts Council England, Queen’s
University Belfast
For full listing and ticket information please check the Sonorities
website at

TEL: +44 (0)28 9097 4829 FAX: +44 (0)28 9027 4828

Pedro Rebelo
Chair, Sonorities

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