[From Ivica Bukvic]: Call for contributions

Subject: [From Ivica Bukvic]: Call for contributions
From: Kevin Austin (kevin.austin@videotron.ca)
Date: Tue Apr 05 2005 - 18:33:44 EDT


Dear fellow SEAMUS members,

I recently began working on a set of guidelines whose purpose is to
provide an exhaustive overview of technical [not software or
hardware-specific] and aesthetic considerations for the newcomers to
the field of interactive electroacoustic art (by interactive
electroacoustic art I am referring to concert works which employ
real-time feedback from technology in conjunction with a live
performer, as well as a generic concept of an installation that
requires some kind of interaction from a perceiver/performer).

The impetus behind this project is relatively simple: as an artist
specializing predominantly in interactive electroacoustic art I have
gained most of my technical wisdom by learning from my own mistakes,
as to this day I was unable to locate a resource that would provide
an exhaustive overview of technical and aesthetic considerations
surrounding deployment of interactive electroacoustic art.
Furthermore, recordings of interactive electroacoustic art, apart
from usually technically terse program notes, provide little
information regarding the implementation of the actual interaction,
making it relatively difficult to learn from the music literature of
this kind. Therefore, I see this endeavor as an important addition to
the existing documentation that will hopefully help minimize
technical problems, allowing artists, especially newcomers to this
genre, to focus on what matters the most -- the art itself.

Some of the topics I am interested in covering are (they are listed in no
particular order):

*Basic technical concerns and limitations
*Architectural considerations that minimize last-minute problems
*Redundant solutions as means of backup
*Aesthetic considerations (what works, what doesn't, and ultimately what
matters to the listener/perceiver)
*Guidelines for generating performer parts (if applicable)
*Performance considerations
*Dress rehearsal efficiency concerns
*Deployability and transportability
*Examples to learn from

In order to generate as exhaustive documentation as possible, feed my
own ignorance, as well as minimize redundancy, I would like to invite
anyone interested in contributing to this project to please send me a
short comment and/or a one-paragraph contribution in order to:

a) expose me to articles/documentation that may have already tackled
some of these concerns so that I can incorporate their relevant
information into this project

and *more importantly*

b) contribute some of your most
interesting/unexpected/surprising/bizarre personal experiences
related to this topic that you may find to be of benefit and/or
interest to other interactive electroacoustic artists and that may
ultimately help them circumvent some of the issues you had to deal
with as a result of such circumstances.

Naturally, it is my intention to credit everyone's contributions
accordingly in the final product. I may also opt for interviewing
some of you in order to gather additional information. Should you be
interested in such an interview, I would greatly appreciate it if you
would please provide means of contacting you in your correspondence
(i.e. e-mail or phone).

I thank you for your time and look forward to your contributions!

Best wishes,

Ivica Ico Bukvic, composer & multimedia sculptor

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