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Subject: Fwd: MusicAcoustic 2005: Mix
From: Kevin Austin (kevin.austin@videotron.ca)
Date: Sat Apr 02 2005 - 22:04:36 EST

The Electroacoustic Music Association of China (EMAC) and the China
Electronic Music Center (CEMC) based at the Central Conservatory of
Music in Beijing are pleased to announce their annual conference:

MusicAcoustic 2005: Mix
October 20th through 30th (approx)
Beijing, China


The transforming soundscape of Beijing offers a heavy 'Mix' of old
and modern voices; where the old hutong and modern skyscrapers Mix
amidst a hurried development frenzy. The Conference will therefore
invite research and concerts inquiring along a broad vector that
traverses the aesthetics of Organized Sound, Electroacoustics (with
Chinese and Western Instruments), Microsound, Coding Experimentation
and Phonography.

With modern China as a backdrop, we think a Mix of the traditional
and new in computer/electronic/laptop music is an appropriate
thematic for this call for works, where an old/young city/country is
experimenting with its own emerging unique voice on the global music
scene. Chinese composers and academics come together once a year to
plan future directions for the development of computer music in China
and to learn/exchange with their international guests.

There are no irrelevant proposals for this week of music, practicum
and discourse: recent software developments; theory and criticism, a
focus on phonographic practice, or music with image. The conference
will include concerts, paper sessions, artist talks, discussion
panels and workshops. 10 to 16 channels with subwoofer will be
provided (Genelec). Workshops or residencies are invited in the days
surrounding the conference.

Deadline for proposals is June 30, 2005.

Organizing committee:

Zhang Xiaofu (Chinese Language)
President of EMAC;
Director of CEMC, Central Conservatory of Music

Kenneth Fields
CEMC, Central Conservatory of Music
and Dept of Digital Art and Design, Peking University


Kui Dong

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