Subject: FW: RADIO TAXI works
From: Christof Migone (cm341@nyu.edu)
Date: Thu Mar 31 2005 - 18:22:45 EST

> Kirsten Lavers, cris cheek, (TNWK) and Simon Keep invite sound
> artists(including writers, poets, visual artists, musicians working
> with sound) tosubmit work for a short range FM and internet radio
> event in late May and early June
> RADIO TAXI is a Taxi Gallery narrowcast and webcast initiative. Taxi
> Gallery is literally a black cab situated in a council estate on the
> outskirts of Cambridge,England. Since Sept 2001, over 25 different
> artists have made new works inresponse to the specific context
> offered by the gallery and its location. TaxiGallery is a project
> that reaches for an extended conversation with local, nationaland
> international audiences (via its website) in response to a broad
> range of challenging contemporary artworks, approaches and ideas.For
> more info on Taxi Gallery - please visit www.taxigallery.org.uk
> The translocal or "glocal" philosophy of Taxi Gallery is reflected in
> the forthcoming RADIO TAXI project which will integrate a 3 mile
> radius analogueFM broadcast with a worldwide digital transmission via
> a server capable ofhandling multiple streams.RADIO TAXI will be a
> live(ly) mix of locally originated programmes and interventions
> (significant community involvement by neighbourhood residents ofall
> ages will be developed, including several major projects with
> ColeridgeSecondary School and an evolving radio club), a curated
> programme of invitedsound works and a schedule of sonic art from all
> over the world. The Radio Taxi webcast will be technically supported
> by Liam Wells (NorwichSchool of Art and Design) of n0media.
> Transmission dates:
> 6pm 27 May - 6am 31 May (GMT)& 6pm 3 June - Midnight 5 June
> (selected highlights)
> The selected highlights will remain archived on the Taxi Gallery
> website for theforeseeable future. An audio CD selection will also be
> included in a forthcomingfull colour Taxi Gallery publication.
> 1. A 1hour (unedited, raw) field sound recording made at night
> (anytimebetween dusk and dawn) from a specific location anywhere in
> the world.Please include exact details of the location, date and time
> of the recording.
> 2. A recording made for the duration of a taxi journey (see Jan
> Cain's 'Ride'in the Taxi Gallery web archive). Please include details
> of the journeyincluding departure and arrival destinations and
> reasons for the journey.These recordings will be played during the
> overnight programme during the broadcast period - a programme
> inspired by Jim Jarmusch's film 'Night OnEarth'. All submitted
> recordings will be fully credited on the website.
> 3. Contribute to the curated programme by submitting new or existing
> soundworks that in some way address at least one or more of the
> followingthemes:
> NeighbourhoodThe CommonsEverydayLocation Transition Conversation
> Collection Transmission
> No other limits and we're also happy to receive proposals/ideas for
> works to becarried out on site or via live - streaming. Submissions
> should be sent (preferably in audio CD format - please get in touch
> if this is a problem) withdetails, credit info and weblinks to:
> 38 Stanesfield Rd, Cambridge, CB5 8NH England. Queries to:
> info@radiotaxi.org.uk
> Submission Deadline: 1 May 2005 latest - though we'd encourage
> earlysubmissions.

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