Zoomusicological activities..

Subject: Zoomusicological activities..
From: Petri Kuljuntausta (petriear@nic.fi)
Date: Wed Mar 30 2005 - 07:30:44 EST


with zoomusicologist Dario Martinelli and dancer Laura Pesonen we're going
to perform 'Zoomusicological concert' on Thursday March 31st, at Sibelius
Academy's Electric Hall.

The concert will be videostreamed (FOMA Live-Video Distribution Platform)
by Japanese <http://www.nttdocomo.co.jp/english/corporate/index.html>NTT
DoCoMo. According to Shinji Kanki (SibA) there is potential for 20 million
viewers in Japan! Internet live stream: rtsp://cmt.siba.fi/nma (starts:
19:25 CET+1 hour).

By the way, Dario's interview about the concert will be online within next
few hours, check: http://www.larondine.fi

And one week after this concert, on Thursday April 7th, it is time for the
next Sounds in Space program [Finnish Radio 1]. The theme of this one is
"Animal Music, Zoomusicology and Interspecies Communication". More below...

all the best,

March 31, 19:30pm
- Zoomusicological concert.
The first live performance of the piece based on animal sounds, co-composed
by zoomusicologist Dario Martinelli [aka PhDJ] and PK. Choreography and
dance: Laura Pesonen. Also at the same concert the historical Ballet
Mecanique by George Antheil / Ferdinand Leger [adaptation for Disklaviers &
computer by Shinji Kanki].
'New Music Academy Concert VII' at Electric Hall,
Sibelius Academy, Center for Music & Technology, Helsinki.
         Internet live stream: rtsp://cmt.siba.fi/nma (starts: 19:25 CET+1
         http://www.larondine.fi [Dario's interview]

April 7, 23:00-24:00pm
- Sounds in Space [Ääniä tilassa] YLE Radio 1.
Theme of the program is "Animal Music, Zoomusicology and Interspecies
Communication", including interviews with David Rothenberg, Jim Nollman and
Dario Martinelli.
In this program you'll hear tracks from the legendary 'Songs of the
Humpback Whale' by Roger Payne, interspecies communication between whales
and Jim Nollman, birds singing with David Rothenberg's clarinet and Michael
Pestel's flute, Chris Hughes/Steve Reich's 'Slow Motion Blackbird',
Francis-Bernard Mache's music from the sounds of frogs, pigs, shrimps and
rain... and music created by elephants and other animals.


- CD 'Why Birds Sing' by David Rothenberg has just released in the USA.
Track 3 'Beezus, Beeten, Breep' is a live recording [David Rothenberg-Petri
Kuljuntausta-John Wieczorek], captured in October 2003 at the Liberated
Sounds concert at Tampere Polytechnic / The School of Art and Media,
Tampere. The CD info text:

- Navigator (Video: Sami van Ingen, music: PK)
The music video is now ready. The video was directed by Sami van Ingen. The
music for the 'Navigator' is based on sounds of Beluga whales (thanks to
Jim / Interspecies Communication). The screening of the work at EXPO 2005
World Exposition, August 22 - September 5, Aichi Japan. Coordinator of the
EXPO2005 performance: Jim Nollman.

- Belly of The Whale project update
More audio files now online [Scanner, Nollman, PK, Rothenberg...]. Musical
contributions also from Merzbow, Kim Cascone, Andra McCartney, Kent
Clelland, Yannick Dauby, Stephan Vitiello...

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