Re: Max/MSP and video

Subject: Re: Max/MSP and video
From: Rob Godman (
Date: Wed Mar 30 2005 - 05:41:49 EST

On 21/01/2005 19:01, "Andrew Nicols" <> wrote:

Check out the Cycling 74 website and also sign yourself up to the Max/MSP
mailing list. Look for Jitter (this may be very interesting to you). There
are a number of ways of getting video into Max. It's possible to 'play' a
movie in Max without any other extensions. I use softVNS for Video work
which is a lot of fun. I think this is for Mac only too.

Your best point of initial research will be the Cycling 74 website.



> Im just learning to program max wrote my first patch last night some time,
> but I am intending to write a patch which will integrate a live video feed to
> alter some other settings.
> Ive investigated the Cyclops object of Max, but there is no PC version as far
> as I can make out. Does anyone know if there an object for Max I can use for
> both Mac and PC or am I just plain out of luck?
> Many thanks,
> Andrew

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