Re: Boss Loopstation but in software ?

Subject: Re: Boss Loopstation but in software ?
From: Ross Bencina (
Date: Mon Mar 28 2005 - 14:23:47 EST

The LiveLooper in AudioMulch does this, but is undocumented at present...


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Subject: Boss Loopstation but in software ?

Does anyone know if I can get software that would perform in a similar way
to the Boss Loop station?

I am looking to loop some experimental vinyl sounds live, but the loop
station is quite expensive. I was thinking if there is an alternative I can
use with my laptop (allow me to start recording, stop, and loop right overlay other loops as I the loop station basically).
Is Ableton Live something similar? I havent really looked at Ableton so
maybe I'm just blabbing....




From: on behalf of Kevin Austin
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Subject: On sending CDs

Some advice, slightly modified from:

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Try to send a CD so it classifies as a ³letter², not a ³small package².

CDs travel faster by airmail if you put CDs in a slim paper or
cardboard sleeve and fold any paperwork in half over the CDs. The
small USPS Global Priority Mail envelope is good and costs $4 US.

Do not pack the envelope at the counter or post office or they will
force you to mail it as a ³small package².

Label the contents as ³INTER COMPANY DATA ON CD² and ³DOCUMENTS². You
should be able to send the package in a courier¹s standard envelope
at the envelope price.

There should be no duties on the CD, but you MUST follow these instructions:
1) Indicate the PHYSICAL VALUE of the CD-R. This is what you paid for
the blank CD-R, typically about $.50 for each disk you send.

2) If you are asked to indicate a value of the recorded material,
write that as a separate amount, and write "Value of material
recorded on the CD-R = $xx.xx". If you are NOT asked to list a value
of the recording, DON'T!

3) DO NOT write ³Gift², ³Present², ³Sample², or any other
description. ... it is classed as ³digital data/documents². It does
not matter if it is music on a CD-R. Label as: ³INTER COMPANY DATA ON

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