Re: MAC PCMCIA slot problems

Subject: Re: MAC PCMCIA slot problems
From: Coryn Smethurst (
Date: Mon Mar 28 2005 - 10:13:07 EST

Dear All

I am still using OS9 - recording to Logic, but have found that for some
reason my PCMCIA slot on my powerbook has suddenly stopped working under OS9
- which is a pain as I was in the middle of doing some recordings via a
firewire interface whilst using a firewire card in the PCMCIA slot to plug
in an external firewire hard drive as the destination disk for my files -
one day it works, the next it doesn't. The hard drive plugged into the
PCMCIA firewire interface is recognised under OSX - so I know the slot and
interface are working.

Any suggestions?


ps I use OS9 as it lets me run the OS off an external USB drive and spin
down the internal drive - which as far as I know you can't do in OSX - am I
wrong here?

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