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Subject: Re: Manchester UK
From: Coryn Smethurst (
Date: Mon Mar 28 2005 - 10:13:07 EST

Presented by aLECTRO_eCOUSTIC
At Swim 2 Birds ­ forgotten but not forgiven, at swim delve into the gin
soaked memories of the last bad relationship and do their best to predict
the next... with home made films.

Simon Rose ­ solo alto saxophone. Virtuoso and leader of highly acclaimed
BADLAND TRIO (free jazz) makes another stop in Manchester for an intimate
solo set.

C R R Smethurst - sampler. "Imperfections in the analysis of fractal noise
to create psycho-acoustic effects."

At Oklahoma café/gallery

Sunday 3rd april

High St. Northern Quarter.


Entrance £4, conc.£2

An evening of song and exploration (in the convivial atmosphere of
Manchester¹s tastiest café/gift shop, also the home of the venerable
Pelicanneck record shop.) Entrance is time restricted so please arrive
punctually or you may not get in.

aLECTRO_eCOUSTIC has a proven track record of organising surprising events
in Manchester, often bringing together contrasting performers to make an
evening that gives you more than you bargain for. Including some of the
strangest and some of the most beautiful things, in a socialy conducive

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