Re: audio software for elementary students

Subject: Re: audio software for elementary students
From: Ross Bencina (
Date: Mon Mar 28 2005 - 09:32:22 EST

Josh Henne wrote:
> Audiomulch is a free VST audio host program that can run vsts and has a
> number of other audio contraptions like granular synthesis, risset filters
> etc. Very easy to use; just three windows shown at once, the left side you
> just drag and drop and draw lines to connect your synths, fx, mixers, etc.
> The ride side shows the graphics of the vsts, and the bottom window is for
> automation. Everything can be controlled by MIDI.

Actually AudioMulch is a Shareware program, it isn't free. It's designed to
be a self contained sonic workshop, with VST hosting just being an
auxilliary feature.. it doesn't do it justice to call it "a VST host" in my

AudioMulch is used quite a lot for teaching at the secondary and tertiary
levels and I have had a number of reports of children as young as 7 using it
successfully in a home context.

Best wishes


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