Re: audio software for elementary students

Subject: Re: audio software for elementary students
From: Josh Henne (
Date: Sun Mar 27 2005 - 22:57:18 EST

Hi Mike;

A couple of really good programs that come to mind are synthedit and
audiomulch. Synthedit allows you to create your own synths, samplers, fx,
etc and save those as VSTs to use within say.. cubase or fruityloops. Very
much like Reaktor.

Audiomulch is a free VST audio host program that can run vsts and has a
number of other audio contraptions like granular synthesis, risset filters
etc. Very easy to use; just three windows shown at once, the left side you
just drag and drop and draw lines to connect your synths, fx, mixers, etc.
The ride side shows the graphics of the vsts, and the bottom window is for
automation. Everything can be controlled by MIDI.

The best free VST devices I can think of are:
GreenOak Crystal synth
SmartElectronix VSTs
kjaerhaus Audio Classic fx
P8 Superwave "Virtual Analog" (modeled after the JP-8000)

..There are a few hundred free VST devices if you look around

There's always the free version of Protools for Win98 and MAC 0S-9.

For linking/routing Midi apps&gear together I suggest Midiox for Windows

Many excellent Atari midi apps are still kicking around free and abandoned
on the net, though you need an emulator or a real atari computer to run
these and something like MidiOx to route the midi to a host.


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