Articles and ideas on Tinnitus

Subject: Articles and ideas on Tinnitus
From: Kevin Austin (
Date: Sun Mar 27 2005 - 00:01:35 EST

Tinnitus Center

Brain Receptors and Tinnitus
by Barry Keate

There is significant new research from the Health Science Center at
Brooklyn and the Martha Entenmann Tinnitus Research Center, Brooklyn,
NY that suggests there is a common pathway through the brain for all
tinnitus regardless of the cause of the disorder ...


Many believe that aspartame should never have been allowed into food
or beverage products. Anyone with any neurologically degenerative
condition, especially tinnitus, should be very wary of consuming
products containing aspartame. Beware of any food product that
contains the words ³lite,² ³diet,² ³low calorie,² or ³no calorie.²

As stated in previous articles, managing chronic conditions such as
tinnitus comes down to good common sense. In order to maintain good
health and reduce effects of tinnitus and other
neurological conditions it is extremely important to enjoy a
healthful diet. We should strive to eat whole foods whenever
possible, avoid prepackaged and processed foods including ³soft
drinks² and reduce intake of salt and high glycemic foods such as
simple sugars and refined carbohydrates.



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