R-1 Portable - Tape Wormth

Subject: R-1 Portable - Tape Wormth
From: Innes <%> (iparki23@yahoo.com)
Date: Sat Mar 26 2005 - 10:23:56 EST


 There is still something to be said for the 'warmth'
of recording to tape and the variation that tape based
effects can bring compared to the consistency of
digital settings. VHS-C videotape arguably has higher
fidelity than audiotape.
 When going deep into the "field" to record sound I
take an old vhs-c videocamera because:

 - You can also capture visual footage.

 - If your speedpunt along the Mekong capszies or you
encounter semi-automatic wielding Hmong tribespeople
(still backing the US in laos, vietnam) in a
biodiversity conservation area, then you have only
lost 50 bucks worth of equipment, and can save you
arguing with insurance companies etc.

- It is lightweight plastic, and carrying a few 90
(vhs-c is a compact format) minute tapes is less
weighty than bringing your laptop and cheaper than
multiple memory cards.

- There is no hard disk noise on the recording, and
the tape warmth is not lost by subsequent digital

- There is no temptation to listen to mp3s whilst
travelling around etc which over the years has
contributed to some hearing loss when I used to record
on an mp3/.wav recorder/player. May the gods have
mercy on the i-pod generation..

 Subsequently, I convert the signal to digital using
the firewire connection on a DAC-100 (less than 100
canadian in singapore) box which converts any analog
audiovisual signal to digital or vice versa.

 For discrete recording and value for money, they dont
come much smaller than the 512 meg Creative
Technologies mp3 player range. The sound quality is
somewhat sketchy, but that sketchyness could be arty
particulalry after reverb processing. The encoding
input could be used by some type of active microphone,
in addtion to the built in microphone.

 Also, anyone who has hearing loss / music perception
type experience, research etc which would make
interesting television. Then please contact
 www.autonomi.tv are developing a programme featuring
Adrian Sherwood (on-u sound system) about music and
hearing loss.


  Innes A. Park


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