Re: EA by the way, Francis

Subject: Re: EA by the way, Francis
From: Francis et InÚs Dhomont (
Date: Fri Mar 25 2005 - 12:38:03 EST

Dear Innes Park,

Thank you for your message.
Nevertheless I don't know if I quite understand what you mean, I get
some problems with English.

In my opinion an acousmatic performance never NECESSARILY required
the artist's presence; nevertheless this presence can be a more
attractive event.

But I'm not sure I answered your question, sorry.



>Bonjour Francis,
> I went tae on of yer advertised concerts here in
>Glasgae last week and ye didnae even show up! There
>was some geezer and a wee burd mixing CDs. Mind you,
>they didnae dae a bad job either. The overheeds lost
>something in translation tae English but ye get that
>at fame academy.
> Considering that mainstream media now comes with
>surround sound, a defining characteristic of the
>montage of EA emissions (which keeps it distinct from
>other audio) would be that live performance by an
>artist does not necessarily require the artist's
>presence, in a way that is distinct from classical
>rendition. Non?
> Just going through the motions again with minor
>variations here.
> Ex-Prof Innes Park
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