phoniq event - beta_lab - march 26th mtl

Subject: phoniq event - beta_lab - march 26th mtl
From: Neil Wiernik (
Date: Fri Mar 25 2005 - 11:17:03 EST

PHONIQ PRESENTS the second installment of


when: saturday march 26th 2005
where: cafe esperanza [in the back room]
5490 st-laurent, montreal, canada
time: 9pm-2am
how much: FREE

BETA-LAB is a monthly night of electronic music
collaberation and experimentation featuring phoniq resident artists: naw,
cyan, scant intone, various, anton along side a variey of monthly guests.

This month BETA-LAB will feature:

aidan baker - live - [] - toronto
des cailloux et du carbone - live - [natacha recodings] - montreal
naw - live - [] - montreal
djzeit - dj - [] - montreal
johnny ranger - vj - [] - montreal

for more info visit:




The PHONIQ collective brings you another twist on another year of
electronic music showcases. This time around PHONIQ is happy to present
BETA-LAB a monthly showcase of electronic music collaberation and
experimentation. BETA-LAB will focus on teaming up resident PHONIQ artists
with other members of the canadian electronic music community. BETA-LAB is
a space for experimentation to try out new ideas, for artists to try out
new ideas, projects, collaberations. a testing ground for laptop artists,
hardware musicians, djs and video artists a like. every month a different
project or projects will be presented. each of these events are designed
to act as an exploration into the different intersections between
technology and music/art making. BETA-LAB is not designed to feature one
artist in particular but to act more as an equal testing ground for all,
for both the performer and the audience member. the BETA-LAB series is
about an ever changing creative process, each months event details will be
announced at


Phoniq is a collective of individuals dedicated to promoting
bleeding edge electronic music by Canadians, with an emphasis on exposing
talent that has not yet been exposed inside or outside of Canada. The
concept for Phoniq has grown over the past year from the initial ideas of
how to create a viable promotional vehicle for Canadian artists in
electronic music into an active community mailing list, a net-label and
resource tools. All of these aspects are in place in order to help the
community to network and grow. In general, Phoniq has created a portal
that should prove useful for anyone working in electronic music in Canada.


Aidan Baker (ARC, Nadja) TORONTO

Aidan Baker is a musician & writer currently based in Toronto, Canada. He
has released numerous cds on independent labels from around the world & is
the author of 2 books of poetry, 2 poetry chapbooks, & has published
poetry, fiction, & criticism in various international & scholarly
journals. As a solo artist, Baker explores the deconstructive sonic
possibilities of the electric guitar as a primary sound source, creating
music that ranges from experimental/ambient to post-rock to contemporary

des Cailloux et du Carbone - (Natacha's Recordings) MONTREAL

ingredients: marcello, laptop, household field recordings such as vibes
and/or chopsticks, digital processing, errors, random sequences, may
contain traces of house music.
des cailloux et du carbone is marcello marandola; half of data-folk duo
cian ethrie (lucky kitchen, natacha's recordings). also part of natacha's
recording sound system and rivers and mountains.

NAW - (Noise Factory Records, Phoniq) MONTREAL

montreal native neil wiernik began his
explorations in electronic music making as early as 1988. known to push
the boundaries of his musical form, naws music is a blend of sound
manipulation/design, experimental music and dub-tech rhythms, which on the
surface sound quite simple, but incorporate a number of touches that steer
this artist away from being simply another minimal techno or experimental
laptop artist. he combines post-house, dubby minimal techno, microsound
and thick ambience, to create his own version of deep techno, house and
other electronic laptop oriented musics. neil has released music on
various national and international record labels, including recent
releases on clever-music, and his follow up full length to his 2002 noise
factory release called green nights orange days. he has recently returned
from tours in france, germany, and canada. to co-enside with his recent
releases on these labels and plans to return to europe this summer for
more tours including a performance at the now legendary sonar festival in
barcelona, spain. naw is currently preparing a new release for pertin_nce
label (quebec city) due for release in early April 2005.

DJZeit - (.Angle.Records) MONTREAL

One of the original founders of .Angle.Records in Montreal, With
.Angle.Records, Zeit's intent was and still is to promote artists and
music from Montreal and Canada and beyond, not caring too much about
prevailing trends, and with
an affinity for obscure sounds, be they atmospheric or noisy, or in
between. Evocative or challenging music made electronically or with any
instrument actually. This gave an eclectic agenda so far. From technoid
post industrial (Vromb from Montreal) to old-school weird analogue (Nos
Royaumes from Montreal) to guitar-based drone bliss (Aidan Baker from
Toronto) to glitchy and crushing dark-ambient (Monstrare and Wilt from the
U.S.)^While the next release of .Angle.Rec. leans towards the more
abrasive and harsh rhythmic side of things (Montreal^s emerging rhythmic
noise artist LCEDP), DJZeit has a known (or not so known!) heavy fondness
for, amongst others, immersive ambient, idm, and contemplative droney
atmospheres ^with the occasional drift towards more experimental ventures.
Well, this is exactly what he has in store for March 26th^
^and those who, at some point, in 2002-2004, listened to DJZeit^s ^Dans
L^Oeil De La Comete^ radio show on UQAM Web Radio and then on 102.3 Radio
Centre-Ville, late at night, especially the last longer part, will be

Johnny Ranger - (mindroots) MONTREAL

The artistic projects of Johnny Ranger include VJING, Interdisciplinary
Shows, Performances and Web art. He is the founder of Mindroots a sensuous
poetic laboratory of non linear creation. He has been a regular at the
SAT, he presented works at the Biennale d^art contemporain, the New Museum
of Contemporary art in New York, EspaceTangente and at the Lachapelle
theater amongs other. He is currently working on a new live performance of
open ended audio-visual narratives entitled: The Dynamic Constellations
which includes footages he has shot in Brazil,
India, Indonesia and Canada.

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