Re: Fees For Web Music

Subject: Re: Fees For Web Music
From: Ned Bouhalassa (
Date: Thu Mar 24 2005 - 14:45:24 EST

On Mar 24, 2005, at 2:27 PM, Theo Mathien wrote:

> Hello CECrs,
> I've recently been contracted to create a quick 15-20 sec. intro for a
> company's website. I've never done this before and was wondering if
> there is a way to calculate a reasonable fee?

Unless you are well known, the company is probably going to try to get
you to do it for next to nothing, in exchange for having your name
attached to the website. Don't accept this.

> Is there a fairly standard industry rate?

Not AFAIK. The best way to think about is like writing music for an ad.
It seems like a short contract, 15-20 sec, but it can take a long time
to find something that works for that short a time and/or as a loop
(that doesn't drive us crazy after awhile).

> Should I charge per hour, or per job?

You should charge per day, IMHO. Try to figure out how long it's going
to take you, and then double or triple that, depending on your
experience composing for hire. How much are you worth per day?

> The company is fairly prestigious and will be doing a great deal of
> business through their website, how much importance should I place on
> this detail when considering a fee?

A lot and... a little. Many people still consider the web to be small
fries in terms of sales. Yes, we know that it's not true anymore, but
the people who decide on the budget for the website may think so. Be
ready for that, and consider how badly you want/need this gig, and if
there's a real chance that you will get regular work from this client.


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